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MN TRIO Achievers Dinner 


MN TRIO staff and alumni will attend COE's 38th Annual Policy Seminar on March 11-15, 2018 in Washington, DC. The Annual Policy Seminar affords the TRIO and GEAR UP communities from across the country the opportunity to help educate Members of the 115th Congress, congressional staff, and Trump Administration officials about the history and the success of TRIO and GEAR UP.  
The Seminar also includes an update from the Department of Education on their policies and provided the Trump Administration's higher education priorities. 


It is MORE IMPORTANT than ever to send alumni to Washington D.C. to talk with our Congressional Representatives and tell their stories in how TRIO has helped them be successful and why TRIO WORKS!

MNTRIO Members 
- Please consider nominating an alum to attend the COE Policy Seminar in March 2018. Minnesota TRIO will cover the expenses if your alumni is selected to attend.


Please click here to complete the application and submit by

12pm on Thursday, January 18th, 2018


The information below includes materials to learn more about the MN TRIO Association, our programs, and the students we serve as well as tips on advocacy, and news on legislative efforts. We ask for your help to inform the public about TRIO and other educational opportunity programs in Minnesota. Vital funding is important in serving a greater number of Minnesota's eligible youth and adults. So please share your program and alumni successes!


Marketing Our Message

                                   Linda Byrd-Johnson, Ph.D. MN TRIO Staff COE Policy Seminar with Tanisha Johnson, Dept of Education

Acting, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education Programs SSS Program Officer (back row, middle)

                 Senior Director, Student Service (front row, middle)

                        and MN TRIO staff at COE Policy Seminar


TRIO professionals work closely with educators, counselors, and policy-makers to promote educational opportunity and foster a climate that welcomes and supports low-income, first-generation students. TRIO professionals are available to present on issues related to poverty and education, first-generation students in higher education, retention,  financial aid information and application assistance. 

Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) published:
Jennifer Engle, Ph.D. & Vincent Tinto, Ph.D.
Published by the Pell Institute.  A guide for working with TRiO students.
A new report by the Pell Institute for Opportunity in Education, “Bridging the Gaps to Success: Promising Practices for Promoting Transfer Among Low-Income and First-Generation Students", highlights the work of six Texas community colleges with higher-than-expected transfer rates among their students. 

Dear Holly Hexter at COE: 

This afternoon, I took a moment to reflect on my journey to the US. I thought about the countless number of immigrants in the nation who have been freed from poverty because of the extraordinary work of TRIO. I realized just how far they have prospered culturally, educationally and economically; many of who are now proud citizens, raising families, owning their own homes, driving in cars they only saw on Television back then when they were still living in third world countries. I thought about those who have helped us to make this journey wonderful and less stressful in a foreign country. Then I just realized that this progress would not have been possible without the generosity of the TRIO family. Because of TRIO, I can now sleep with peace of mind knowing that I have achieved the American Dream and would be part of those who improve others’ lives.

The policy seminar changed my life forever. I saw the world differently through my interaction with other TRIO nation and my visit to the US congress. I never dreamt to one day attend such an extraordinary occasion, but my TRIO Director, Shelly Siegel who have inspired me in so many ways nominated me to attend. 

I am reaching out to you today to thank you so, so much for earning your attention during the seminar. The time you spent talking to me despite the mountain of work you had, staffing meetings, conferences, and attending to guests, but still, you found time to meet with me, really illustrated the human side of your values and the important work TRIO does to low income families.
The opportunity of meeting you made me to feel like I was walking on the moon. I will never forget the sacrifices you made for me. I learned a lot of you. TRIO has touched my life in many ways and each time I think of TRIO and the time you spent talking with me, the memories bring some drop of tears to my eyes. 

Again thank you so much and thank you for everything.

May God continue to bless you.


Basil Ajuo

MN TRIO Alumnus Basil Ajuo on the Hill


EOA Foundation

The EOA Foundation provides scholarships and awards to TRIO and educational opportunity program students in the ten-state region served by EOA.


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PO Box 3443
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